Why Go Power Dekor?


With Power Dekor, always feel assured with the RIGHT choice for now and the future. Know why:

Vertically integrated

industrial chain

ForSure from the beginning

Power Dekor is a member of DareGlobal Group - an enterprise involving in diversified business segments such as wood,

packaging, and auto parts. This endows Power Dekor with extra resources, say in-house HDF supplied by

DareGlobal. At Danyang Dare Wood Park, up to a-thousand cubic meters of HDF is transported to

affiliated laminate flooring plants which can produce up to 13-thousand square meters of flooring, DAILY.

Our vertical integration is appreciated by customers who value controllable quality and unsurpassed

innovation in product performance.

ECO CONSCIOUSNESS - The Power Dekor Way.

"Sustainable thinking is one of the principles of our business. We are running a long-term business,

and so have to operate in a green way. Our goal is to achieve excellence and create values with the utmost

respect for the people we work with and the world we live in." -President, Power Dekor.

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CONSECUTIVE INNOVATION - Right solutions for generations.

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